Crafting the Perfect Airbnb Pre-Booking Message: What to Say to Your Guests?

As an Airbnb host, the pre-booking message you send to potential guests plays a crucial role in setting the tone for their stay and establishing a positive connection. A well-crafted and personalized message can make a significant impact on guests\’ decision-making process and create a sense of anticipation for their upcoming trip. In this article, we will guide you through the process of crafting the perfect pre-booking message, offering tips and suggestions on what to say to your guests to make their Airbnb experience exceptional.


The pre-booking message is your opportunity to create a positive first impression and establish a connection with your potential guests. It allows you to showcase your hospitality, address any concerns, and provide important details about their stay. By investing time and effort into crafting a thoughtful message, you can enhance the guest experience and set the stage for a successful booking.

Importance of the Pre-Booking Message

The pre-booking message serves several important purposes:

Building Trust

It helps build trust between you and your guests, reassuring them that you are a reliable and attentive host.

Setting Expectations

It allows you to set clear expectations regarding house rules, check-in procedures, amenities, and any other relevant details.

Providing Personalized Information

You can tailor the message to address specific guest preferences, requests, or concerns, creating a personalized experience.

Establishing Communication

It encourages open lines of communication, making guests feel comfortable reaching out with questions or special requests.

Personalization and Customization

To create an impactful pre-booking message, consider these personalization and customization tips:

Address Guests by Name

Begin the message by addressing guests by their names, adding a warm and personal touch.

Reference Their Inquiry

If the guest has made a specific inquiry or mentioned something noteworthy in their initial communication, acknowledge it in your response. This shows attentiveness and genuine interest.

Highlight Shared Interests

If you notice shared interests between you and the guest, such as hobbies or travel preferences, briefly mention them. This helps establish a connection and builds rapport.

Establishing a Warm Welcome

Create a welcoming tone in your pre-booking message by:

Expressing Excitement

Convey your enthusiasm and excitement about hosting the guest. Let them know how delighted you are that they are considering your property.

Warm Greetings

Extend warm greetings and well wishes for their upcoming trip. Make them feel appreciated and valued as potential guests.

Providing Essential Information

Ensure you include essential information in your pre-booking message:

Check-In and Check-Out Details

Clearly communicate the check-in and check-out times, as well as any specific instructions or procedures guests need to follow.

House Rules

Outline your house rules, emphasizing important guidelines to maintain a pleasant and respectful environment for all guests.

Amenities and Features

Highlight the amenities and features of your property that are unique and appealing. Let guests know what they can expect and how it will enhance their stay.

Sharing Local Tips and Recommendations

Offer local insights and recommendations to enhance guests\’ experience:

Favorite Restaurants and Cafes

Share your favorite local eateries and coffee shops, along with any specific dishes or cuisines they should try.

Attractions and Landmarks

Recommend nearby attractions, landmarks, or hidden gems that guests may not find in typical tourist guides.

Activities and Events

Inform guests about any upcoming events, festivals, or activities happening during their stay that might interest them.

Answering Potential Questions

Anticipate and address potential questions or concerns guests may have:

Transportation and Parking

Provide information about transportation options in the area, including public transportation, taxi services, or nearby parking facilities.

Safety and Security: 

Assure guests of the safety measures in place, such as secure locks, smoke detectors, and emergency contact information.


If your property has specific accessibility features or considerations, provide relevant details to accommodate guests\’ needs.

Showing Appreciation and Gratitude

Express gratitude to guests for considering your property:

Thank Them: 

Thank guests for their interest in your listing and for considering your property for their stay.

Appreciate Reviews: 

Mention how much you value guest feedback and express appreciation for their future reviews.

Encouraging Communication

End the message by encouraging guests to reach out with any questions or special requests:

Open Lines of Communication

Let guests know that you are available to assist them before, during, and after their stay. Provide your contact information and preferred communication methods.

Friendly Closing: 

End the message with a friendly closing and reiterate your excitement about potentially hosting them.


Crafting the perfect pre-booking message is an opportunity to create a positive impression, establish trust, and set the stage for a memorable Airbnb experience. By personalizing your message, providing essential information, sharing local tips, and expressing appreciation, you can enhance the guest\’s anticipation and ensure a smooth booking process.


Q: Is it necessary to send a pre-booking message to every potential guest?

A: While not mandatory, sending a pre-booking message to potential guests is highly recommended as it helps establish a connection and provides important information.

Q: How long should the pre-booking message be?

A: The pre-booking message should be concise, yet informative. Aim for a message that is clear, friendly, and covers all the necessary details without overwhelming the guest.

Q: Can I use a pre-written template for my pre-booking message?

A: While using a template can be a time-saving approach, it\’s important to customize and personalize the message for each guest. Tailoring the message to their specific needs and inquiries shows attentiveness and care.

Q: When should I send the pre-booking message?

A: Send the pre-booking message promptly after receiving an inquiry or booking request to demonstrate your responsiveness and attentiveness as a host.

Craft a personalized and welcoming pre-booking message that leaves a lasting impression on your potential guests. Happy hosting!

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